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Although it's too early for the great Snowshoeing, Skiing and Riding waiting for you this season at Mt. Snow it's never too early to stay-in-shape by HIKING our beautiful region.
Check out these great scenic hikes we thought you and yours would enjoy in
combination with the summer season lodging rates.

Info on 5 Local Hikes....Margit and Iíve had the good fortune to have my nephew ďvisitingĒ with us. Heís been helping us document more than 6 local hikes so that we can provide you easy to read maps and directions with photos for your hiking enjoyment.

1. Somerset Reservoir Hike (Too good to pass up!)
2. Deerfield Ridge Trail (Mount Snow to Haystack)
3. Crosstown Trail (off of Crosstown Road in Dover)
4. Haystack Trail
5. East Branch Trail ( Somerset Reservoir to Trailhead on Somerset Road)

Call Jack for more info on hiking and our nearby homes! Phone/Fax: 802-464-5773
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Somerset Reservoir Hike


Out of the many great hikes available in the local area, the best one starts at our doorstep. This could be the ultimate family and corporate team building adventure. The non-hikers could drive over to the reservoir with the picnic supplies arriving about the same time as the hikers.

The total hike is less than 2 hours and cuts out 25 miles of driving.The trail starts with a moderate climb of 400 feet, a third of the way up to the summit, and intersects with Somerset Road, which gently traverses to the bottom of the North Face before reaching the final trail to the reservoir.

I am happy to report there are picnic tables, elevated BBQ grills, fire pits,and portable toilets. Also, there is a nice boat ramp and spots for swimming and fishing. Itís been vastly improved since my family hike 25 years ago!

Deerfield Ridge Trail


The access to this trail is on the summit of Mount Snow.
There are two options to the summit: hike or take the

Bluebird Express Chair Lift. Our hike from the bottom wasnít too bad.

The trail is the cross country ski trail along the ridgeline to
Haystack Mountain. Itís a fairly easy hike along the ridge with
variable terrain with interesting ecosystems!

Once the trail reaches Haystack, there is a great view of
Haystack Pond from the trail next to the Haystack Club building.
The ridge line was just brushed about a year ago by the
Forest Service and is ready to go.


Haystack Trail


Itís another great hike and also very close to us. You can be on
the trail in less than 15 minutes if you follow our directions.

From the top, there are great views of Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, and of course Vermont.

The summit actually overlooks the old Haystack Ski Resort and
Haystack Pond from above.

It only takes a little more than one hour to reach the
peak from the parking area.


Somerset Reservoir Hike
Deerfield Ridge Trail
Haystack Trail